Along with writing to Julian Assange, please plan or take actions to support him (examples below) and write, email or call or a politician/leader or person of influence to inform them about Julian’s case and ask them to act. Please let Julian know of the actions you’ve taken and/or you are planning to take to inform & lobby those in power to intervene. You may write to & e-mail consulates around the world of the countries who are soon to be meeting with President Biden or other top US officials and ask them to drop the charges that the Trump administration brought forward against Assange. In the UK, take action to defend press freedom and to ensure that the UK does not extradite him. In Australia take action to to ensure that the Australian government intervenes to demand his freedom and to bring him home safely.

Let Julian know what actions you have taken or are planning to take to support him.

Other Action Examples:
Support the Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign
Wear your support for Assange
Donate to WikiLeaks
Upload your photo to WeAreMillions #FreeAssange
Create art for Artists for Assange and WLArtForce
Become a patron of the Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign
US: donate to AssangeDefense.org
Get involved with a local grassroots campaign or create your own
Sign up to volunteer for the Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign

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@StellaMoris1 Twitter, Stella Moris FB, @StellaMoris7 IG
@WikiLeaks Twitter, WikiLeaks FB, @WikiLeaks IG
@WLArtForce Twitter, WLArtForce FB, @WLArtForce IG
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@DefendAssange Twitter, DefendAssange FB, @AssangeOfficial IG
@ArtAssange Twitter, ArtAssange FB, @ArtAssange IG
@AssangeDefense Twitter, AssangeDefense FB, @AssangeOfficial IG
@CourageFound Twitter, CourageFoundOrg FB, @Courage_Foundation IG


  • Address your letter exactly as shown. You must include Julian's prisoner number: Prisoner #A9379AY or date of birth 03/07/1971
  • Include your full name and address on the back of the envelope or else the letter may not be delivered
  • Send short personal notes - via regular slow untracked postal mail only (a stamped envelope)
  • Include in your letter actions you are taking or planning to take to Save Julian's life
  • Send paper items only such as letters, photos and drawings
  • Julian's Mailing address:
    Mr. Julian Assange
    Prisoner #A9379AY
    HMP Belmarsh
    Western Way
    London SE28 0EB
    United Kingdom

How to write Julian Assange


  • Send it via tracked/parcel/signed/courier services. Only regular slow untracked postal mail is accepted (a posted letter in an envelope with stamps).
  • Send any sensitive material as his mail is checked and monitored.
  • Send packages, loose stamps or cash. (Postcards and Greeting Cards are accepted if they are included inside the envelope along with your letter, but regular postcard mail by may be discarded)
  • Send books or packages. They will be discarded.
  • Send excessive amount of letters as they could be rejected.


Can Julian Reply?

If you would like to give Julian the opportunity to reply you will need to include a self-addressed UK stamped envelope with your letter. The amount of postage you need depends on the weight and size of the letter. Please check here: royalmail.com/price-finder


Find information about postage at

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Upload a photo/scan of your Letter