Before writing to Julian Assange, please write at least one letter to or call a politician or leader and take another action to help defend Julian. Let Julian know of the actions you’ve taken to inform & lobby those in power to intervene. Write to & e-mail consulates around the world of the countries who are soon to be meeting with President Biden or other top US officials.

Other Action Examples:
Support the Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign
Wear your support for Assange
Submit to WikiLeaks
Upload your photo to WeAreMillions #FreeAssange
Create art for Artists for Assange and WLArtForce
US: donate to
Get involved with a local grassroots campaign or create your own


  • Address your letter exactly as shown above. You must include Julian's prisoner number:"Prisoner #A9379AY' or date of birth 03/07/1971
  • Include your full name and address on the back of the envelope or else the letter will not be delivered
  • Send short personal notes only
  • Include an action you have taken to #Protectjulian
  • Include a blank piece of paper with a self-addressed envelope (your name and address written in pen not pencil) for Julian to write back. It must be pre-stamped (UK stamps only)*
  • Send paper items only such as letters, photos and drawings
  • Share your reply from Julian with #WriteJulian (unless he asked you not to or has marked the letter 'PRIVATE')


  • Send any sensitive material
  • Send greeting card, postcards, packages, loose stamps or cash
  • Send books or magazines
  • Send excessive amount of letters as they will be rejected
  • Publish your reply from Julian if he has marked the letter 'PRIVATE' or otherwise asked you not to share it


How many stamps do I need?

You need enough UK postage (stamps) affixed on the self-addressed stamped envelope for Julian to mail back to you. The amount of postage you need depends on the weight and size of the letter. Please check here:


Find information about postage at

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Do not use this form to contact Julian Assange. He will not receive the messages. He is in Belmarsh Prison without internet. This form exists to allow users to upload photos of letters sent to or received from Julian Assange. Or to share letters from/to world leaders about Julian Assange's situation.
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